Personal Collection is one of the biggest local businesses here in the Philippines who does direct selling dedicated to transforming the lives of millions of Filipinos by providing them with quality products and sustainable livelihood.

Personal Collection was born out of the desire to better the lives of Filipinos, through compassion or what the company calls malasakit. This Direct selling company started in a small warehouse with less than 10 employees, we have now grown through the commitment of thousands of hardworking people striving to make a change across hundreds of our retails establishments in the country. Now 19 years and counting, they stay true to their promise of a Great life by constantly looking for ways to reach more Filipinos, and empowering them with quality products and business opportunities that show care for every Filipino home and the only world we live in.

How They Began

They come a long way but our commitment remains the same. They want to create a future where everyone can experience the Great Life.

Willie Evangelista started 2003 in a small warehouse as a single business idea which is the Tuff Toilet Bowl Cleaner, the first ever product of Personal Collection with 8 dealers in different parts of the Philippines. in 2008 they grew to over 300 employees and opened 30 retail establishments. Then in 2017 they relocated to a new office, built regional depots across the country, and developed more products. Now they launched a full-blown media campaign supported by celebrity endorsers, billboards, TV, commercials, developed products with biodegradable packaging and created an E-commerce ready website for the dealers.

Now, they have 7 product categories, Hundreds of Products, more than 505 branches and Hundreds of thousands of dealers.


We empower every dealer, employee, and stakeholder with inspiring, innovative, and life-changing opportunities towards the great life. A fulfilling life enriched by a noble purpose everyone can be proud of.


To be the most admired and preferred Direct selling company that continues to revolutionize the industry exponentially for the Great Life of our dealers, employees, and stakeholders.

7 Product Categories

  • Home Care
  • Baby Care
  • Personal Care
  • Fragrance
  • Health Care
  • Men’s Underware
  • Intimate apparel

Philippines #1 Direct Selling Company in Essential Products

  • Best Income Oppotunity
  • Big Return on your time and effort invested to your PC Business
  • Credit line grating to start up your business
  • Wow Essential Products
  • Malasakit
  • Free training and coaching for sure success
  • Use PC branch as your place for business
  • Pc Branch’s staff are ready to serve you and your team with malasakit
  • Humility
  • Copy best practices
  • Ready to learn
  • Asking question
  • Ready to learn

Negative Pride

  • Self center
  • Don’t welcome learnings
  • Don’t ask questions
  • Not listening
  • NENEGU (never ever, never ever, give up)
  • These are the traits that you can’t forget for you to be able to reach your goal in your PC Business
  • Always be positive
  • Stand right away, when you fall

There are 4 levels of being a Personal Collection dealer.

  1. Great Life Builder
  2. Great Life Manager
  3. Great Life Director
  4. Great Life Executive

Personal Collection Offers you an earning Opportunity that’s meaningful to you and to your Family.

As a Dealer of Personal Collection you are entitled to have a 25% basic discount and as high as 70% Promo Discount. Personal Collection has quality products and everyday use for people that’s why you as a dealer have a sure repeat order from your customers.

Second, third and fourth level of dealership earns up to 22.5% from your group sales by recruiting people that you want to help.

There are 3 simple steps to grow your PC Business Faster.

  • USE

Use superior quality and essential WOW PC Products to have enough experience and knowledge about the products that you’re selling to share with your customers. 

  • SELL

Sell Superior quality and essential PC products to build your own customer base. Leave your magalogue and get the customer’s contact number.


Build your team and earn up to 22.5%  from your Group sales.



From humble roots to great life: Personal Collection’s Dealers Achieve Their Dreams Through Direct Selling

There’s a long-standing belief that the only way to be successful is to follow the traditional route of getting a degree and landing a 9-to-5 job.  However, this does not hold true for some who do not let their background and circumstances keep them from reaching their goals.

Just like Maricel Villalobos and Erlinda Payoyo, two of Personal Collection’s dealers who rose above society’s expectations. Their inspiring stories are testimonies on how one’s circumstances in life can change through hard work, determination and, of course, with some help and motivation from Personal Collection.

Maricel signed up as a Great Life Builder in 2012, the entry level in Personal Collection’s dealership. Living on a vendor’s daily wage, she was determined to finish her studies and be financially independent despite being deaf and mute.

“Bilang isang PWD, maipagmamalaki ko na hindi ako nanghihingi ng pera para lang mabili ko kung anong gusto ko at pangangailangan ko,” says 49-year-old Maricel, a former vegetables and kakanin vendor who is now among the most accomplished dealers of Personal Collection.

“Hindi naging hadlang sa akin ang aking kapansanan. Malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa Personal Collection dahil naranasan ko grumaduate,” says Maricel.

Through her efforts, Maricel not only graduated, but also attained a higher-level position as a Great Life Manager and was given the recognition of being the Top 1 dealer in South Luzon. Her next goal is to climb the ranks further and reach the highest title in the Personal Collection network – the Great Life Executive, a feat achieved by Erlinda Payoyo.

Before joining Personal Collection in 2016, 50-year-old Erlinda used to get by as a dishwasher offering manicure and pedicure services on the side. For her, making it to the top meant working on her own progress as a dealer while guiding her colleagues at the same time. And sure enough, her exceptional effort in recruiting new dealers to the network and helping them get their own promotions made her dreams come true.

“Na-promote po ako bilang isang Great Life Executive at may natulungan po akong apat na dealers na ma-promote bilang Great Life Executive rin. Nag Top 1 po ako sa Sales and Recruitment.” Erlinda recalls.

Maricel and Erlinda’s stories of hard work and dedication reflect the never-ever-never-ever-give-up guiding principle of Personal Collection dealers toward achieving the Great Life. Their humble beginnings echo Personal Collection’s modest roots when it started in a small warehouse with only one product, eight dealers, and eight employees.

Today, after nearly two decades, Personal Collection is present in over 350 branches nationwide, offering hundreds of trusted products in several categories: Home Care, Personal Care, Health Care, Baby Care, Men’s Care, Fragrances, and Intimate Apparel.

Perseverance is a key to success with Personal Collection. For Maricel and Erlinda, hope was never lost and together with Personal Collection, anything is possible no matter what obstacles may come their way.

If you would like to start your own journey towards the Great Life you imagine, sign up to become a Personal Collection dealer and join its network of inspiring achievers.



Tuff Toilet bowl Cleaner at 285 customer price

5 CUSTOMERS1,425 PESOS1,068.75 PESOS356.25 PESOS
10 CUSTOMERS2,850 PESOS2,137.50 PESOS712.50 PESOS

How to complete your first order in Personal Collection:

  1. Get your customer’s order through Heart to heart call
  2. Fill out the order slip in the branch
  3. Wait for the release of your orders.
  4. Deliver products, collect advance payment and get referrals from KKK
  5. Mark your duedate in your calendar
  6. Pay PC, keep your earnings, ORDER AGAIN!

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