Top 10 Spotify Songs for 2023

Musically, 2023 was defined by the return of major female pop stars, sonic diversity that topped the charts, and a global music atmosphere that gave rise to powerful genres. On the podcast front, creators are responding to trends in real time, and audiences are turning to podcasts to join larger cultural conversations. As always, our 2023 Spotify Wrapped campaign reflects these trends, and our toplists showcase how over 574 million people around the world listened this year.  

But here are the list for our very own Top 10 Philippine Spotify Songs for 2023:

ERE – Juan Karlos

Juan Karlos Labajo has reached a new milestone.

His new single “ERE” just made history becoming the most streamed local track in a day this year, lodging over 1.2 million streams in Spotify PH last Oct. 11. 

The song is still rising.The tune is not that extraordinary. It is actually quite derivative.

It’s as if Juan Karlos was toying with the chord changes of Radiohead’s “Creep,” as with Orange And Lemons’ “Hanggang Kailan” and decided to create an actual song with it.

This is nothing new for the actor-singer. His own “Buwan” is a hackneyed blues number. 

Still, he should be credited for making it appealing enough for the masses to dig – something that many hoped Binky Lampano would succeed at years back.

711 – Tonee Jay

Toneejay is a talented singer-songwriter who has been creating a buzz in the Filipino indie folk scene. His latest song, “711” conveys his love and devotion to his partner. He sings about his dreams of buying a house, a car, and traveling the world with his significant other, and how he is ready to do anything to give them the life they desire.

Tingin – Cup of Joe

April of this year marked the release of a highly anticipated collaboration between Cup of Joe and Janine Teñoso, resulting in the mesmerizing track “Tingin.” This exhilarating union of talents brings forth a fresh and invigorating sound that pushes the boundaries of both artists’ previous works. With its upbeat and positive vibe, Tingin delivers a musical experience unlike anything we’ve heard from Cup of Joe and Janine before.

Kisame – Rhodesa

‘Kisame’ Singer Rhodessa On Going Viral And Finding Inspiration In TWICE. The singer-songwriter reveals that her breakthrough hit is actually a fan tribute to K-Pop girl group TWICE members Mina and Chaeyoung. Producing music started out as a pandemic project for Rhodessa

Raining in Manila – Lola Amour

The track gained popularity in different countries. The viral melancholic banger became part of K-pop AU (alternate universe) OST. The writers chose this song because of its scenario, theme, and relevance.

Thanks to ENHYPEN, Raining In Manila also reached South Korea. ICYDK, the group’s members enjoy OPM. Jake listened to it liked the song even though it was written in Filipino during one of his lives after a fan requested it. Soon after, Jungwon messaged ENGENE on Weverse and also vibed to it.

Released by Warner Music Philippines, “Raining In Manila” continues to top Spotify charts and their lyric videos now have 7 million views and counting since its release last June 15. Another milestone for Lola Amour, the band is now ranked in the top 2K “Pop” artists in the world.

Seven – Jung Kook

To call Seven a much-anticipated release would be putting it lightly. Many of BTS’s members have already debuted solo material, but Jungkook has bided his time. He feels uniquely positioned as a breakout soloist, making Seven‘s sound and style all the more important. When it comes to western pop, boyband-turned-soloists rarely see their earliest success coincide with their very first single (just ask Bobby Brown or Justin Timberlake or even Michael Jackson). Instead, these moments establish groundwork toward bigger and bolder things to come.

Uhaw – Dilaw

The song “Uhaw (Tayong Lahat)” by Dilaw tells the story of a person longing for someone they love. The lyrics describe the intense desire to be with this person, to kiss them, to dance with them in the rain. The singer feels that their world becomes lighter and easier when they are with this person. The chorus repeats the line “Bakit uhaw sa’yong sayaw, bakit ikaw?” which translates to “Why am I thirsty for your dance, why is it you?”, emphasizing the singer’s longing for this person’s presence and attention.

The second verse shows the singer’s determination to be with their love, no matter what obstacles they may face. Despite fatigue and difficulty, the singer will not give up on their pursuit of love. The bridge describes the singer feeling lost without their love, drowning in the complexities of their emotions. The chorus repeats again, emphasizing how the singer will remain thirsty for their love and remains devoted to them.

Overall, the song is about the intense longing and devotion that one can feel towards another person. The singer feels incomplete without their love, and their thirst for them is never quenched.

Pasilyo – Sunkissed Lola

SunKissed Lola continues to lead different music charts with their wedding song “Pasilyo”, topping Spotify’s Top 50 – Philippines.

Penned by band member and Wishcovery alum Alvin Serito, the song perfectly depicts the experience of marrying the love of your life. SunKissed Lola‘s band members are Serito, Dan Ombao (The Voice alum), Laura Lacbain, Danj Quimson, and Genson Viloria.

Released on October 28, 2022. “Pasilyo” delivers a romantic wedding theme, brilliant storytelling, great lyricism, and captivating vocals. Everyone dreams of being a groom and a bride one day that’s why this song is a hit for Filipinos. This song perfectly captured what it feels like to marry the love of your life.

Fallen – Lola Amour

Filipino indie band Lola Amour have dropped their latest single ‘Fallen’, a song that “isn’t about falling in love”.

The fresh tune, out today (June 25), is a track that was written by vocalist Pio Dumayas a little over two years ago. ‘Fallen’ was inspired by a falling out with a close friend, whom he had developed feelings for at the time, he told NME.

Estranghero – Cup of Joe

Born in Baguio City, it only took a few months for the band Cup of Joe to win many hearts. From becoming an online hit to winning awards with their songs, this band is unquestionably one to keep an eye on. They’re serving up music that’s as hot as a great cup of coffee.

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