Discovering someone’s true personality can be a challenging task but there are several ways to get closer to the truth.

  1. Observe their actions when they are under pressure.
  2. When you give them a lot of power and responsibility.
  3. Lend them money and see if they will return it, without you reminding them about it.
  4. Compliment or even flatter them to know if they play their accomplishments down and show genuine humbleness or brag about the achievements.
  5. Observe if they take responsibility for their life or always looking for someone to blame in everything.
  6. Observe how they behave when they are drunk or high. If they can be aggressive, emotional, look for troubles or let out any underlying issues or personality.
  7. Find out their role model. Someone they are looking up to.
  8. Find out the type of books they read or if they even read at all.
  9. Observe how they treat animals, children or anyone that does not have control over them.
  10. Observe how they talk to staff, waiters, cleaners, gatemen or security people.

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