14 Vlog Ideas to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2023

Your audience can access more of your content by starting a YouTube channel. A YouTube channel allows you a centralized spot to publish commercials, educational content, and entertainment videos if you already incorporate video marketing into your marketing strategy. To increase engagement with the fresh uploads, YouTubers invite their viewers to subscribe to the channel. With some forms of online making money, like affiliate marketing, all it takes is one active viewer to get things going. One of the easiest methods to monetize your channel on YouTube is with ads, but you’ll need 1,000 subscribers to start. So, that ought to be the goal. In this guide, we’ll share 14 of the most interesting vlog ideas and pro-tips to inspire you and keep your audience on their toes. And once you’ve finalized which idea you’ll be working on you can easily bring it to life. Here are the vlog ideas:

1. Introduction vlogs

You can’t just start a YouTube channel one day and expect people to watch. The foundation must be established first. If you’re just starting out with vlogging, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to your audience to establish rapport and gain their trust. You can describe yourself, the topics you’ll be blogging about, and your motivations. This vlog is a fantastic chance to showcase your personality and give your viewers a close-up look at you. Check out the debut vlog by well-known creative Irfan Junejo. He speaks in his native tongue and shows what a typical day in his life is like, which isn’t particularly intriguing. But what makes it intriguing is his presentation for the day. Also take note of how brief the vlog is—just one minute and a half.

2. Daily vlogs: talk about a typical day in your life

You have to figure out a way to make everyday vlog ideas engaging, though. Being active is more important than putting on a show. Watch how Judy engages the audience in conversation while the video is playing to get their attention back.
It’s best to have at least a general notion of what you’ll be doing during the day if you’re doing a daily vlog. You don’t want to find yourself making plans while filming. Keep in mind to be intriguing and true to yourself. That is the secret to producing a successful daily vlog.

3. Show your audience how to do something with tutorials

There are two ways to come up with subjects for your instructive vlogs: one is to simply pay attention to the types of questions your current audience poses and adapt those into topics for your vlogs. In contrast, if you’re just getting started, you should first choose the various types of material you want to feature on your YouTube channel, such as videos about travel, filmmaking, or self-improvement. The next step is to choose one pillar, research popular content ideas in that market that are related to your area of expertise, and build a vlog around those.
Focus on your area of expertise while making tutorial-based vlogs, and then look for hot subjects in that market to write about. Once you have your topic ready, you can either wing it or record on the fly but if you want your vlog to be more engaging, a better idea is to create a rough structure. Once you have your structure, you can go ahead and film your vlog and then bring those clips together into a coherent story.

4. Share behind-the-scenes footage

A video that features behind-the-scenes footage will be viewed by 87% of viewers. What, therefore, draws your viewers to BTS so much? Because the information is not scripted, it lets the audience relate to you. BTS videos are a fantastic method to occasionally share your off-camera side with your viewers.
BTS content may include a variety of content genres or a mix of them. As you make vlogs for your audience, you may let them in on what’s happening in your immediate environment. But keeping things fresh is usually a good idea. Raw video of unsuccessful recording attempts could make a fantastic compilation for a BTS video if you have any. In the event that you work with a team or another vlogger, some BTS chuckles can also add an interesting element to your vlog. Take note of how they provide perspective on how people relate to the routine routines that vloggers might otherwise assume their audience could find uninteresting. People want to see that, after all something to which they can relate.

5. Travel vlogs: take your audience places

As you document a vacation vlog, there are a few things you should bear in mind. It makes sense that you would want to document everything because you are in a new location. However, that is a horrible plan for two reasons: first, not everything will look as intriguing as you imagine, and second, if you film everything, you won’t get to enjoy your trip to its fullest.
Instead, center your vlog on particular stops and activities you made on your trip. If you have a schedule, use it to decide when you’ll record and when you’ll just enjoy yourself. By doing this, you may enjoy your trip without having to constantly charge your camera. Additionally, keep your films brief and remove everything that isn’t really intriguing or interesting. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to display your enjoyment of the vacation. Typically, you are the main reason people are watching your vlog.

6. Review a product your audience might be interested in

Having yourself on camera as a vlogger increases engagement since you can address your audience directly. Additionally, because you’ll essentially be guiding folks through a process or going over features, review and walkthrough videos can frequently feel sparse.
Therefore, don’t make it all speech if you’re thinking about using a review as one of your vlog ideas for an upcoming video. Make your vlog more entertaining for your audience by adding some sound effects. Having a peppy opener to capture your viewers from the start is another approach to give your product vlogs a little extra flair.

7. Prank someone

Pranks are a lot of fun, but moderation is key. Don’t go on a pranking binge because it’s still crucial to maintain your concept or you risk disappointing your audience. However, coming up with pranking vlog ideas and making one every so often are wonderful ways to make your audience smile. There are several things you should think about before grabbing your camera. Make sure everyone involved and your equipment are safe first. In relation to equipment, you should consider where to place your camera so that it will capture the prank. The best course of action is to simulate the complete prank with a friend so that you can verify that everything functions as it should. This will also help you choose the type of lighting you’ll need to capture the prank in its entirety. Glares could be an issue if you position the camera directly in front of a bright source of light. The target of your prank shouldn’t be able to see the camera. Make sure the camera is mounted on a surface that won’t move easily as you might not be holding it when it records.

8. Share footage from an event

Attending an influencer gathering? Going to a famous wedding? Do you possess concert tickets? They are all excellent ideas for your upcoming video blog. Making vlogs not only lets people know that you’re active in your niche but also puts your channel in front of those who are looking for the event’s videos online. Keep in mind that depending on how busy the location is, shooting vlogs can be a little challenging, so pack a good gimbal. Additionally, if there is a lot of background noise, you’ll probably need to record some voiceovers for the video you’re editing.

9. Motivate your audience

Vlogs are a great tool to employ if you enjoy inspiring others. People are frequently interested in hearing how others overcame difficulties in their personal or professional lives or just about the struggles of others. Go for it if you have something to say to the audience that you think would inspire them. However, using a vlog to inspire your audience calls for certain subtle strategies. While you don’t want to seem preachy or haughty, you do want to project confidence. The secret is to plan out your speech in advance rather than winging it as you would for most vlogs.

10. Share your holiday décor

Have you have a spectacular idea for Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving? Well, how about taking a video of you decorating your Christmas tree or hanging the mistletoe? Your audience will enjoy some decoration suggestions as well as some behind-the-scenes information about how you will spend Christmas. It’s enjoyable to decorate your home, isn’t it? Your viewers can watch along with you while you decorate if you keep a vlog. To add some variety to your Christmas vlogs, utilize animated text, transitions, and beginning slides.

11. Challenge vlogs

A new challenge becomes popular on social media every year. Over the past few years, challenges have ranged from the absurd to the amusing, but they have always garnered vloggers a ton of engagement. A recent challenge that is going viral online can become the subject of your upcoming vlog.
You will be the one completing a certain challenge in a challenge vlog. You will be the one dousing yourself in a bucket of icy water and ice if you accept the ice-bucket challenge. The fact that you shiver after filling their bucket will make them chuckle because viewers enjoy seeing odd vlogs.
When feasible, try to keep it under five minutes. With the exception of the challenge itself, try not to cram in too much. You don’t want to be just another person emptying a bucket of ice for views, so it’s even more crucial to explain the reason that the challenge is meant to bring attention to.

12. Share your fitness regime

It’s easier to say than to maintain good health. Many people find it difficult to get out of bed early, put on socks, and perform aerobic exercises. However, seeing a friend or family member succeed in their fitness goals can just inspire them.
Additionally, if you’ve been exercising for a while and have any stories to tell, your audience would be interested. For instance, how do you manage to squeeze in some cardio while your career is at a crossroads? Give your audience advice on how they can accomplish that as well.
Encourage your audience to take action while outlining how it will benefit them (in this case, through exercise). Instead of just repeatedly sharing your fitness success tales, try to engage your audience by explaining how exercise might help them. Instead of intimidation, they need inspiration. Make it interesting, just like you would with any other vlog.

13. Collabs

Collaborations can be enjoyable for you as well as your audience. They also have the enormous advantage of reaching a sizable new audience. A new vlogger that their respective audiences may want to start following will be discovered when two vloggers collaborate. Because of this, collaborations might occasionally significantly aid in expanding your current audience. Though, it can be a little challenging, especially if you’re just starting out in the world of vlogging. Find a partner with whom to work. It’s alluring to get in touch with your preferred vlogger, but guess what? They undoubtedly have a ton of cooperation requests in their inbox. Furthermore, why would they recommend a station they wouldn’t watch themselves to their audience? The secret is to identify someone who is, in terms of their vlogging journey, more or less on par with you. Next, figure out how to contact them. In most situations, you may locate their email in the channel’s About section. If not, send them a tweet or comment on one of their vlogs instead.

Collaborations are fantastic since they work for practically any vlogger, no matter how large or small.

14. Giveaway

Consider a giveaway as one of your possible vlog ideas for an upcoming video if you have your own stuff. They’re a quick approach to increase your subscriber count and start receiving some engagement. Ask a brand if they want to partner with you on a giveaway if you don’t have your own merchandise. It’s an inexpensive method for them to gain a lot more awareness, and it’s a straightforward one for you to expand your online network. However, some gifts may end up costing quite a little. For example, if you are a tech YouTuber, the goods you discuss in your videos can be expensive. When that happens, you should try to get in touch with the company to see if you can use a coupon code to provide an alluring discount on a particular item. Plan how the item you’re giving away will fit into the context of your vlog before you shoot a giveaway blog.
Reflect about it. You are dispersing a smartwatch. Do you make a quick vlog only to promote the giveaway, then? Alternatively, do you incorporate the giveaway into your normal vlog? Given that it’s a smartwatch, a tech vlogger can easily and naturally announce the giveaway in a vlog, which will also make it appear more natural. Nevertheless, if you’re a travel vlogger, a brief film would be a better option.
How you want your audience to participate is a crucial issue that you must take into account. You can hold a raffle, a lottery, or a contest. Make careful to check whether lotteries are permitted where you are. However, sweepstakes predominate in most gifts. Additionally, you must disclose in your giveaway video when and how the winner will be announced. To entice more viewers to connect with your channel, you’ll typically make another video to reveal the winners.

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