Top 10 Filipino Foods I Tried to Cook

“Bringing the taste of the Philippines to my kitchen. Food is my love language. 🥘❤️”

Filipinos  really love to eat and also to cook. Food plays a central role in Filipino social life, and meals are often seen as opportunities for family and friends to come together. Filipino food is varied and combines elements of Spanish, Chinese, American, and indigenous cultures. For Filipinos, preparing and cooking food is a sign of hospitality, love, and cultural identity in addition to providing for basic needs. Generations of Filipinos have passed down their own traditional cooking techniques and recipes to many households. The preparation and sharing of food is an integral part of the culture of the Philippines.

As I grew older I saw my relatives how to cook different kinds of Filipino dishes. They have different techniques and secrets on how to cook delicious food. Before I share my top 10 Filipino foods I cook, let me share with you when I started to love cooking. I was seventeen years old when I started to cook. It’s my cousin’s birthday so my mom decided to treat her. So I suggested that I search for an easy recipe that is Filipino style carbonara. 

I searched on the internet how to cook carbonara and I followed all the instructions. After cooking I tasted the food and I’m so disappointed in myself because I did not meet my expectations. So basically my carbonara is not so delicious. After that incident I have a friend who also loves to cook and I told her to share her recipe when it comes to Filipino carbonara and she shared it. After that I tried to cook carbonara again. I followed her instructions and recipe and after that I tasted it and it was so good. So I continue to cook until now. I will share with you my top 10 Filipino foods that I cook. 

This is one of my favorite types of sinigang. Also, for me this is one the easiest to cook. Pork sinigang is often praised for its rich and savory broth, which is achieved by simmering pork ribs or belly with a tamarind-based broth. The combination of meat, vegetables, and sour broth creates a complex and satisfying flavor. It is also a comfort food.  For many Filipinos, sinigang is generally thought of as a comfort dish. A feeling of nostalgia and familiarity is evoked by the warm broth and its taste.


The “famous adobo” is a top tier dish. Chicken adobo is indeed a beloved and iconic Filipino dish, known for its rich, savory, and slightly tangy flavor. It is simple yet delicious and we have different styles in cooking adobo. Whether prepared with a traditional recipe or with a personal twist, chicken adobo remains a favorite for many, showcasing the diversity and richness of Filipino cuisine.


This dish also needs time, effort and money because there’s a lot of ingredients. I just cooked menudo twice because, first, there’s an occasion and we have a budget.  Menudo is appreciated for its comforting taste, the combination of meat and vegetables, and its ability to bring people together for a shared meal.


Beef Caldereta is a classic Filipino stew known for its rich and flavorful taste. It is a dish often served during special occasions and family gatherings. A quick story: I cooked beef Caldereta for the first time on December 31, 2022 for a New year celebration. We don’t have a pressure cooker so we need to cook the beef for how many hours to become tender. I did not research how to cook beef Caldereta because they say walang mali pagnagluluto ka” which is true because taste matters. After I cooked, I tasted it and it was so salty so I cannot adjust anymore because I’m done cooking and it’s a lesson learned for me.


Sipo Egg is a Kapampangan dish, I think I cooked this dish once in Quezon. I want to cook it again but I’m a “budgetarian”. Sipo Egg is a Filipino dish that features quail eggs cooked in a rich and creamy sauce, often with vegetables and other ingredients. This dish is known for its unique combination of flavors and textures. Sipo Egg is often served as a side dish or as a main course, usually with steamed rice. The combination of the creamy sauce, shrimp, and quail eggs creates a delightful and unique dish that is enjoyed in Filipino households. The addition of various vegetables adds freshness and color to the dish.


Filipino-Chinese vegetable stir-fry, or Chopsuey, has gained popularity and versatility in the culinary arts. Usually, it has meat or shellfish, a flavorful sauce, and a vibrant mix of vegetables. A healthy and delicious dish. In my opinion this food is very simple to cook but you need a lot of effort to prepare because of a lot of ingredients.  Chopsuey is often enjoyed as a quick and nutritious meal, making it a favorite in many Filipino households.


 Ginisang amplaya one of the most often we cooked in our house because it’s very simple and affordable you just need amplaya, egg, tomatoes, garlic and onion just sauté it. Ginisang ampalaya is one the  popular Filipino dishes that is not only flavorful but also offers several potential health benefits. 


I can say that this is also my favorite dish and to cook as well. Tortang talong is a simple and budget-friendly dish that uses readily available ingredients. Eggplants are common and affordable here in the Philippines


One of the best and favorite dishes here in the Philippines is sweet style spaghetti. Well for me it is easy to cook spaghetti. Sweet style spaghetti is a comfort food here in the Philippines due to its ability to evoke nostalgia, its balanced and pleasing flavors, the hearty and filling nature of the dish.


No one can say no when there is a Lumpiang Shanghai. Basically it is the ultimate favorite of the Filipinos. They always said “ Hindi makukumpleto ang handa kapag walang shanghai” and I agree to that. This is a need of time and effort in making lumpia but it’s worth cooking because of the delicious taste. Lumpiang Shanghai’s popularity in the Philippines can be attributed to its delicious taste, versatility, ease of preparation, cultural significance, appealing presentation, and the nostalgic connections people have with it. 

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